Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Fashion Trends I HATE

I hate it when people dress up a certain way because it's trendy or "in".  Style is a way of expressing yourself, not society.  Yes, of course it's fine to like a trend because you genuinely like it but not because it's what others find nice!  But the following trends are ones that I just. can't. stand.

1.  Lita heels.  

I HATE these heels so much!  I hate even having a picture of them on my blog.  I see nothing nice about these heels.  I mean, yeah, if you want varicose veins, go ahead and wear these!

2. Crosses. 


What is so fashionable about wearing a cross?  It's just like wearing a rosary as a necklace.  HATE IT.

3. Black lace tops. 

 How much tackier can you get?